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Experience the best brick and masonry services in Garland, TX with Emerson Masonry and Paving. Our team of skilled professionals offers a wide range of services to transform your vision into reality. When it comes to your home’s heating system, the chimney plays a vital role. Equally important is the chimney flashing, the metal or rubber seal that connects the chimney to the roof, preventing water damage. In this article, we will provide you with essential information about chimney flashing repair, including signs of damage, materials used, and maintenance tips.

Consider your Lifestyle

A retaining wall can revolutionize your outdoor living space and accommodate various aspects of your lifestyle. By partitioning your yard, you can designate specific areas for entertainment, such as having a patio and outdoor kitchen in one section while reserving a separate space for children and pets to frolic on the grass. Furthermore, if you possess a green thumb and enjoy gardening, a retaining wall can provide the ideal tiered platform for growing fruits, flowers, and other vegetation.

Controls Flooding

A well-constructed retaining wall effectively manages drainage in your yard. By ensuring that water from rainfall, sprinkler systems, or hoses does not flow toward your house, you safeguard your foundation against water damage and prevent potential structural issues. Additionally, installing a drain at the base of the retaining wall can redirect excess water, offering an additional layer of protection.

Prevents Soil Erusion

Natural forces such as rain and wind contribute to soil erosion over time. If left unchecked, erosion can lead to various issues, including water drainage problems, compromised ground stability, blockages caused by rocks and soil, and more. A sturdy retaining wall serves as a barrier, keeping the soil in place and making it difficult for erosion to occur.

Cost-Effective Solution

Building a retaining wall not only reduces the amount of maintenance required but also offers long-lasting durability. With minimal upkeep, the wall can endure for many years. If you have flowers planted around the wall, basic maintenance involves ensuring they receive proper care, while an annual deep cleaning will help maintain the wall’s pristine condition.

If you desire to add texture to your residential or commercial property’s landscape or require functional support to prevent soil erosion, constructing a retaining wall deserves serious consideration. Fundamentally, a retaining wall serves as a structure designed to secure soil in place, typically built in areas with downward slopes to prevent soil and debris from cascading onto the landscape. If your property is prone to erosion and flooding, a retaining wall provides an effective solution.

While sloped properties benefit greatly from retaining walls, any landscape can be enhanced with these structures. Experienced builders possess the skills to add dimension and character to any yard, transforming it into an aesthetically pleasing space.

Why Choose Emerson Masonry and Paving ?

It is no secret that many homeowners and business owners are enticed by the cost savings associated with building a retaining wall out of wood. However, it is crucial to consider the bigger picture. Pressure-treated wood retaining walls typically last only between 10 and 20 years before succumbing to rot and deterioration. While this may initially seem like a reasonable lifespan, it pales in comparison to the longevity of retaining walls constructed with stone, brick, or concrete, which can endure for up to 100 years with minimal maintenance.

To discuss your options for masonry retaining walls with a member of our highly qualified staff at Emerson Mansonry and Paving, we encourage you to reach out to us today. Thanks to our strong relationships with local vendors, we can secure amazing deals on high-quality building materials, exceeding your expectations while staying within your budget.

Professional Provider of Retaining Walls in Dallas

For homeowners and business owners contemplating the installation of a retaining wall, engaging the services of Emerson Masonry and Paving is the crucial first step toward creating a functional and visually appealing structure. Our team of trained and licensed masons has extensive experience constructing retaining walls throughout the area, tackling projects of varying sizes with expertise. 


At Emerson, we understand that the success of our work is determined by the robustness of our construction, the efficiency of our methods, and the satisfaction of our customers. Moreover, we are committed to providing the most affordable masonry services available in the industry.


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